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3dWipsFun by JoeAdok
Just some of the stuff I've been working on in terms of Blender things, Tiara and Madonna's models are what I use for character scale for sonic things in 3D.

Here we've got some G.U.N, Drago and Katella and mobian Bahn. All very wip, of course.
HumanoidDudesFun by JoeAdok
A character line-up built up using fake lore.

The idea here is creating a species group that humans and some other human-like creatures would fall into, much like how the sonic-like characters would fall into the Mobian label. For now, I'll ca'll them Sapiens/Sapians.

So its a mix of races from Archie, The OVA, Aosth and the games, along with some mythical things and actual primates. I guess "in story", there'd be a reason why the humans are pretty much the only ones left in modern society, much like there's a reason why the echidna and tazmanian devils are "gone".
Sonic and All-stars Mobius by JoeAdok
Sonic and All-stars Mobius
Sega Characters as they would be in Sonic "canon". That's the idea here, some are just people, some are fictional in-universe [but maybe exist in an alternate zone?].

I'd imagine that everyone here is way above average in whatever it is that they specialize in, but the number of people like that in the world is small enough that they wouldn't cross Sonic and crew [Or each other] [much like how Shadow isn't involved in recent games despite them impacting the entire world that he's sworn to protect]. They're heroes of their own stories in a sense, much like Sonic is the hero of his.

Just some thing to note:

Fighting Viper Chars are mobian, ala Honey the Cat. Animals would remain animals unless they're Mutski'd like Roadkill and Victy.


***Streets of Rage***

Axel Stone
A former cop turned vigilante who fights with his bare knuckles for justice in the worst city in the Empire States, where “only trust your fists, the police will never help you” is a common saying...

Eddie “Skate” Hunter
A wise cracking kid who fights with Axel's team alongside his older brother against the Syndicate, which tries time and again to put the City under its control.

Victy the Kangaroo
A silent kangaroo with a harsh demeanour, rescued from the Syndicate by Axel and co. Exactly what the syndicate did to him is unclear, what is clear is his intent to stop the Syndicate whatever it takes.


*** Yakuza ***

Kazuma Kiryu
The main character in the action/drama series known as Ryu Ga Gotoku, about a former yakuza, seeking a quiet life, while juggling his sense of duty, those cares for and the circumstances of those who have ties to the Mobius underworld



Hope Kintobor
A bright young girl, who operates under the wing of G.U.N.


***Dynamite Dux***

Bin, Pin & Lucy
A pair rambunctious brother ducks and their doting “Big Sis'”. Bin and Pin are friendly kids normally, but if you do anything to Lucy... they will make it a point to knock you out... and just about anything that you'd put between them and yourself, for real.

{Based on how :icondrawloverlala: drew them in this pic [<da:thumb id="473994067">]}


*** Comix Zone***

“Sketch” Turner
Just a simple starving artist and aspiring rock musician. [And after a peculiar incident [It's a long story...], also a hunter of books, comics and other art that happen suck you into the story [Again, it's a long story...]]

“Roadkill” the Rat
Sketch's buddy and roomie, he's something of a moocher but is always dependable when it counts, he also has electric powers, which he got when he and Sketch were sucked into an alternate world inside a comic book [Like I said, long story...].


***Fighting Vipers***

Bahn The Porcupine
A powerful youth known among fighters as “Genghis Bahn III ”, he wonders across Mobius looking to find and fight his disappeared father, fighting any strong fighters he comes across along the way.

Grace the Giraffe
A hopeful young figure skater with a hidden of a mean streak, she uses skating and fighting a means to deal with her emotions, often combining the two.


***Virtua Fighter***

Jacky Bryant
A cool and collected race car driver from a notable family, fighting with burning fast jeet kun do moves. He investigates the J6 orginazation, which has caused him and his sister, Sarah, tragedy in the past.

Venessa Lewis
A woman with a troubled past, having been raised as a human weapon by the J9 organization, which seeks to exert global influence from behind the scenes.


The star of the massively successful character action game series, here is her convention actor in costume [When asked why a mobian lady was chosen to portray to the human-like witch, the character creator told the asker  to “use their own brain” to draw a conclusion.]


***Jet Set Radio***

A master of “pieces” and “tagging”. He is the leader of the GGs, a famous street gang in the city of Tokyo-to [also known world wide as the Graffiti City]

Captain Onishima
A questionable law enforcement officer from Tokyo-to. He has made it his goal to shut down the GGs and other gangs by any means necessary .



Jack Cayman
A robotic [chainsaw] armed Merc from Madworld, a series of dark age comics [and a flim], that are known for their art style and violence. When he's he's hired to do a job, he does saw while taking one everyone in his way.


***Altered Beast***
An ancient Roman resurrected as a beastman on a mission from the gods. The title character from some cult film that wasn't really all that good, Still popular among B-movie fans, Film riffers, 90's kids, and therian fandom.


Something of a long lasting urban legend. Generations of children have told many tales of meeting this enigmatic figure, are they only the visions of vivid dreamers, or is there something more to the stories?

***Alex Kidd***
Despite how quirky he and and his world are, Alex has remained one of the world's most beloved cartoon characters . Alex's look has evolved over the years, here are his “classsic” and “golden age” look.

Seen as an the cool kid's Alex Kidd, he's a star with 'tude zipping across the Valdi system to stop the evil Kaiser Greedy's ploys.


R. K.
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South Africa
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Currently typing this from my home town, where it seems having basic decent on computer or mobile was a figment of my imagination... Don't know when it got this bad.

Just a quick journal to let anyone who might ask know: With my backlog now complete, I'm done taking Art Trades and Requests for now. I Hope those whom I drew for liked their artworks.

As for when I'll start taking more, who knows, but I'll let you guys know via journal :D
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