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LeaderDudesFun by JoeAdok

Here we have designs for younger versions of the leader type dudes from the Sonic series,  Each drawn at around age 14-20 where it applies. Hopefully everyone is still recognizable. [The scale from this [<da:thumb id="489087015">] pic applies here as well.]

AntiMobiusFun by JoeAdok
Some char concepts for Anti [Moebian?] versions of characters, partially, but not really based on what had been established in the comics. The whole Moebius thing makes for some interesting ideas for mix ups in character stories, I even did decriptions for some of them for fun.


Average and Norm

Just “regular” dudes [John Qs if you will] who live unassuming lives. They're here to establish scale.


Scourge the Hedgehog
The BAMF, a.k.a The GOAT, a.k.a The Original Hedgehog. A green dude with 'tude who's does whatever, as long as “whatever” is whatever he wants.

Miles Prower
You know, he's Tails, but anti.

Son of O'Lokk, and the last of the proud O Clan. He is the powerful, but pacifistic Overseer of the sunken Demon Island.


Redd The Bat
An infamous agent of G.U.N rarely seen without her trademark scowl. Direct and efficient,  she has very little patience for stragglers, jokers, or people who can't do their job. This puts her at odds with many, both friend and foe.

Glimmer the Hedgehog
Created by Dr. Jared Kintobor, he's the 11th organic product of Project Glimmer, 33rd in all, a “humanitarian” effort with the purpose creating the ultimate self sustaining battery using Anarchy energy. Currently re-adjusting to living following an coma due to energy-depletion.

Hunter Z
A “collaboration” between GUN and Dr. Kintobor combining their technologies to create a robot capable of neutralizing threats on the scale of Scourge the Hedgehog. Currently in storage awaiting completion due to ideological differences between GUN and Kintobor.


Rosie/Rosy the Rascal
A rabid and unstable young [fan] girl looking to get the attention of Scourge the Hedgehog... Not that a person valuing their safety would want her attention.

Smalls The Cat
Unwilling member of “Team Rosie”, as Rosie's underling and and object of blame.

Crème the Rabbit
A mischievous kid that Rosie has somehow taken a liking to [And also not tried to smashed]. Despite Rosie's craziness, Crème enjoys the company of Team Rosie, for her it's better than what she had previously.



A legitimate businessman and head of the Ordernates, whose enterprises include protection [read:Extortion] and exchange [read:extortion,again]

Flage the Chameleon
A soft spoken man with a dangerous air to him, he's said to be an assassin, although no alive can confirm this...

Charmington The Bee
A bee taken under the wing of Vectorious, mostly for the usefulness of his broad appeal, after all everybody trusts kids... he is a kid, right?


Dr. Ovi Kintobor
A genius veterinarian who looks to use his abilities for the good of the world, for any number of reasons, this pits him against Scourge and his posse.

Niloc Kintobor

Ovi's close friend and little big brother, as well as Niloc Kintobor Jr's father. His case is the reason Ovi took a swore off mechanization for even medical uses.

Niloc Kintobor Jr. a.k.a NKJ, NilOkay or Slick
Dr Kintobor's former aide, now enjoying independent pursuits as one of the Administrators of the Kintobor Foundation.

Buns Rabbot w/ O.M.C.
A young rabbit girl in Dr. Kintobor's care who makes use of a suit made with rescue, medial and minor defensive applications. In Buns' case, it helps keep her N.I.D.S in check until other options are available to her.


Mariah Kintobor
She was Glimmer's “caretaker” in her youth within the subterranean station “Jonah”. Glimmer currently seeks her out for personal reasons.

Gabriel “Gabe” Power

Glimmer's first living contact aside from Jared and Mariah Kintobor, was subject to an incident that affected Glimmer greatly.


Navy the Racoon

An eager youth who, as an aspiring adventurer and sea explorer, finds that the lifestyle isn't quite living up to the expectations she originally had...

Flambe the Cat
The Queen, henceforth referred to as “The Queen”, is The Queen and royal owner of the Beryl of Noct, as is dictated by The Queen herself... and the Nocturnal Flames of The Queen, which enforce The Queen's rule.

Tonal the Hedgehog
A optimistic kid living a humdrum existence, up until he comes across an ancient artifact known as the Flame Sceptre.

Eliza Soleanna III
A isolated young woman constantly plagued with grim visions, only finding solace in the words of her friend, a voice in her head which takes the form of a shapeshifting mist.


Hmm, I might try doing some comic pages with these guys. Could be fun.

The Marvelous, Masterful Mister Dr. Eggman... by JoeAdok
The Marvelous, Masterful Mister Dr. Eggman...
"Truly a figure without equal..."

So how about that Thunderbolt? She seems like an interesting character.
As for the picture... I don't know, just a response to some of the responses that I've seen on-line.
MobiusWarriorsFun by JoeAdok
Some character design fun, I guess for either a tournament arc or an In-story fighting game. Just touching on some fighting game roles, hopefully they're readily apparent just from looking:
  • Shoto/Main character

  • Bruce Lee Clone

  • Heavy Hitter/Grapper

  • Technical Grappler

  • Boxer

  • Ninja/Rival

The Thing That Happened
Okay, this is the proper version... An 2-d experiment put together in Blender, promted by seeing Hunter x Hunter's Hunterpedia segments.

Madonna seems more taken aback than Tiara about whatever it is that just happened... The Professors just out of the loop.


R. K.
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Currently typing this from my home town, where it seems having basic decent on computer or mobile was a figment of my imagination... Don't know when it got this bad.

Just a quick journal to let anyone who might ask know: With my backlog now complete, I'm done taking Art Trades and Requests for now. I Hope those whom I drew for liked their artworks.

As for when I'll start taking more, who knows, but I'll let you guys know via journal :D
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